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Joonas Tolvanen, an educated massager/ sports massager works in our massage section.

OCR Factory monthly members always get a discount from all services -10%.

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I am Joonas Tolvanen, my mates call me Jones. I have moved from Kamppi to OCR Factory to offer my services to customers here.

I have graduated from Espoo's massager school as a sports masseur.

I also graduated as a personal trainer during the year 2022.

On top of massages, my services include kinesiology taping and bite muscle massaging. I am specialised in improving joint mobility and lymphatic massaging.




30min 35€

45min 40€

60min 50€

90min 70€

120min 95€


45min 50€

60min 60€

Purentalihasten avaus

30min 35€

60min 60€

Lisäpalveluna (toisen hoidon yhteydessä)

Nivel-liikkuvuuden edistäminen 15min 15€

Purentalihasten avaus 15min 15€