What do we offer?

Open Gym

As a member, you’ll have access to the factory every day from 5am to 11pm and you can train whenever it suits you during these hours. You’ll have the right to use all of the equipment and zones, such as weights, running track and obstacle zones.

Coached activities have the priority right to use any equipment and zones, so, please check the timetables. However, there will always be a specific space that’s only for Open Gym users, so you’ll
always have space to train.

There will be “Family Hours” on Saturdays between and Sundays between 12-14. You’re free to train during these times but please take into account that there will be small children at the Factory who may get in the way.

Functional Training

The functional training zone includes a rig with pull-up bars and 14 barbell spaces, a turf track, and a lot of open space. From this zone you will also find training equipment such as conditioning ropes, two power sleds with wheels, kettlebells, Bulgarian Training Bags, slam balls, medicine balls, dumbbells, a massive tire for sledgehammer training, two big, weighted tires and much much more!

OCR Zone

The OCR zone has all the fun equipment you need for ninja training! You’ll find plenty of typical OCR obstacles, which you’ll no doubt need to conquer in OCR races (such as the annual Tough Viking race in Helsinki).

Here’s a list of just some of these obstacles: vertical walls, ninja steps, spider wall, atlas stones, warped walls, spinners, salmon ladder, pegboard, ropes, rings and Mount Olympus. On top of these you’ll find a massive OCR-rig which includes 5 different 10 metre lanes full of different hangings. The running ramp also has three different heights: 3,5 metres, 4,25 metres and 5 metres.

And if this is not enough, we also have the number one dream of all the mini-ninjas out there: a foam pit! Above the pit there is a multi-level monkey bar with adjustable bars. The pit is also surrounded by climbing nets that can be used to climb over the pit.

Running Track

There is an almost 120 metre long running track with two lanes going around the Factory. The track can be used for warm-up or as a part of your training. Running is an integral part of both obstacle racing and HYROX.

Street workout & Parkour

Body weight training is getting more and more popular all the time. Our street workout and parkour zone is designed to free your imagination and make you feel like the king of the streets while jumping from one box/bar to another.

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