Kids' classes in spring 2023

Check out our schedule for kids´classes in spring 2023!

Kids' classes are a combination of OCR obstacles, ninjatrack, parkour and lots of fun + play!

Classes are held on OCR- and parkour Zones and they are 55min.

Classes can be bought from our web shop.

Prices change weekly so it's always possible to join during the season!

  • TemppuMinit 6-8v. Tuesdays 18.00, last session 9.5. FULLY BOOKED!
  • MiniNinjat 6-8v. Wednesdays 17.00, last session 10.5.
  • MiniNinjat 6-8v. Saturdays 9.30, last session 20.5.

  • OCR Juniors 9-12v. Tuesdays 17.00, last session 9.5.
  • OCR Juniors 9-12v. Wednesdays 18.00, last session 10.5.
  • OCR Juniors 9-12v. Thursdays 18.00, last session 11.5. FULLY BOOKED!
  • OCR Juniors 9-12v. Thursdays 19.00, last session 11.5.
  • OCR Juniors 9-12v. Saturdays 10.30, last session 20.5.

  • Training for Teens 13-15v. Mondays 19.00, last session 22.5.

  • OCR MiniTeam -competition group Thursdays 17.00 and Sundays 10.30, last session 25.5.

Indoor shoes and water bottle recommended when attending the classes.

Parents are welcome to join our adult classes at the same time! You can purchase one time pass or 10-time card from the counter or web shop.


Kids should have insurance when attending the classes.

Sickness and holidays

If kid can not attend class due to sickness or family trip, it is possible to join another group class another time/day. Please inform us to, if you would like to replace class in other group.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation is possible two weeks after starting the course. Cancellation should be done by email:​​​​​​​


Family hours are times, when the whole OCR Factory is open for families, kids and parents!

The family ours are free of charge for all our kids class attendees. For family members 9€/person, and 18€ for others. Family hour passes can be bought from our web shop or from the counter.

Family hours are on saturdays and sundays 12-14 o´clock.​​​​​​​