Good to know...

Practical things to know in our gym.

- The OCR Factory mobile app can be found from the appstore or playstore. The app will ask you to allow the app to know your location info. The app needs this information for opening the gym's outer door, because the door will only open if the phones location is near the outside door. This prevents mis-use of the app, for example you cannot open the door from a distance for someone else. The app's frontpage has a button "Avaa ovi". By pressing it you can enter the gym on times where the reception is not open.

- After logging into the app you can see the guided lessons reservations calender, reserve lessons and cancel your lesson reservations. If you have booked a lesson, remember to also confirm your participation in the lesson when you enter the gym. The confirmation can be done through the mobile app or by showing your key fob to the key fob reader next to the reception. (Its next to the member screen on top of the desk).

- If you are coming to train independently without a guided lesson then press the "Avaa ovi/ check in"- button so that your visit is registered in our system, (do this even if the door is already open). If you use the key fob instead, show the key fob to the outer door's key fob reader (even if the outer door is already open). Use this method if you have a monthly membership, 10x indepent training card or a one time visit.

- Please leave leave your outdoor shoes on the shoe rack in the lounge.

- Changing rooms are located on the left of the lounge if facing the gym. Mens room is at the start of the hallway and womens at the end of the hallway. The changing room locked cabinet keys have a silicone wrist strap which you can conveniently wrap around your water bottle.

- In monthly memberships the bills go to your email. You yourself can change the payment method to an e-bill in your own online bank.